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NHS Cup 2018 - Introducing the Bos-ton red sox

15 Jun 2018

Some say the FIFA World Cup is the football event of 2018, but we know that’s just the warm up! The main event is the NHS Cup 5-aside tournament taking place on 21 July at Goals in Leicester! Featuring teams from across LPT and UHL, this event isn’t only (friendly!) football fun it’s also a fundraiser. Who are our football legends representing LPT? Bos-Ton Red Sox captain John-Paul Vivers talks tactics, team nutrition and theme songs…

  1. What’s your team name? The Bos-ton red sox
  2. Who are you raising funds for and why? Joint fundraising for Bosworth and Thornton wards for “calm-down” equipment for patients to help de-escalating aggression and violence – take a look at our fundraising page justgiving.com/crowdfunding/bmhufootball2018
  3. Who is in your team? Pictured in the photos are Olivia Adams, John-Paul Vivers, Dr Vann, Jed Kilroy-Findlay, Bosworth Bear (our mascot). Our team also includes joseph Hiuhu, Pete Hurst, Endy Sibanda and Vava Musiiwa
  4. What are your team tactics? To score more goals than anyone else.
  5. What do you think your chances are? Better than Leicester City’s !!
  6. Who is your star player? We are all star players.
  7. What’s your track record in the competition? Always get past the first round! 
  8. Who is your team’s footballing inspiration and why? Bill Shankly and Jurgen Klopp…attack attack attack is the best form of defence. And if you’re not on the pitch to interfere with play you shouldn’t be there in the first place!
  9. If you had to choose a theme song to come out of the tunnel to what would it be? The theme from Knightrider.
  10. How will you be training for the competition? With plenty of pie sandwiches with lashings of dripping for butter.
  11. What’s your secret weapon? Erm…it’s a secret. But the dietary regime is a little known secret that our competitors will want to emulate (see above)
  12. What professional team are you most like? Think like the best to be the best!

Good luck to the Bos-Ton Red Sox! Look out for more team profiles as the competition draws closer.