Sensory Room Appeal: Can you help Bring Light to the Beacon?

How your donation helps

Raising Health is the registered charity of Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust (LPT). We raise funds to support LPT’s excellent care initiatives, equipment and innovations which go above and beyond core NHS provision, to enhance the experience of patients, service users and staff.

Donations from local people, companies and grant-makers have enabled us to do great things and we want to do more. 

Our services are grouped into three clinical directorates - Adult Mental Health and Learning Disabilities; Families, Young People and Children and Community Health Services. We've grouped this section in the same way.


Mental Health and Learning Disabilities

This includes inpatient services at the Bradgate Mental Health Unit, psychiatric intensive care and Herschel Prins Centre. Specialist mental health teams work in the community providing general mental health care, crisis intervention, assertive outreach, psychological therapies, personality disorder therapy, and care for people with Huntington’s disease. 

Adults with a learning disability are supported by community based teams, in addition to inpatient treatment and short break services. 

Community Health Care

This includes inpatient services in community hospitals, district nursing, community based rehabilitation and rapid response services, services for older people with mental health illnesses as well as specialist nursing, Hospice at Home (palliative care), podiatry, speech and language and physiotherapy services.

Children's Services

This includes mental health services for children and young people, health visiting, school nursing, paediatric medicine, health promotion /improvement, dietetics and eating disorder services and our Diana Children's Community Service. Care is  delivered in people’s own homes, community and neighbourhood centres, children’s centres, health centres, hospitals, inpatient units, schools and nurseries.