Sensory Room Appeal: Can you help Bring Light to the Beacon?


Looking for inspiration?

We've got a whole host of ideas to inspire your fundraising for Raising Health - everything from A-Z! We'd love to know what you are planning so we can supply some free resources and help promote your fundraising. So please get in touch and let us know what you are planning. 


  • Abseiling - Abseiling is a thrilling, adrenaline-fuelled experience. Be brave and get sponsored for your vertical descent. 
  • Aerobics class - Set up an aerobics class and get friends and family to pay a donation to join.
  • Afternoon tea - Tickets to an afternoon event are always popular and you can do extra fundraising at the event by having an auction.
  • Arts fair - Show off your artistic side and sell your goods to auction to raise funds to change lives.


  • Bake sale - Get together with friends and set up a bake sale. Whether it's at work or at a local venue, you can't go wrong with tea and cake.
  • Birthday - Donate your birthday! Ask your friends and family to donate to the British Heart Foundation instead of giving you presents or buying you a pint. Set up your own give in celebration page online.
  • BBQ - Rain or shine, everyone loves a BBQ. Invite friends, family, neighbours, and ask for a small donation in return for your event.
  • Bike ride - No matter how long you decide to cycle for, you'll be helping to raise cash as you ride.
  • Bingo - There's nothing like a bit of bingo for a little excitement and some healthy competition. Charge for tickets and ask around locally for donations you can give as prizes.


  • Car boot sale -Set up a sale at your local car boot sale event and sell items that you don't really want or need anymore in exchange for cash for your local NHS charity.
  • Challenge - Sign up to take part in a challenge event in a stunning location in the UK or overseas.
  • Coffee morning - A nice way to raise money collectively, a coffee morning with lets everyone contribute and raise money.
  • Collection - Bucket or tin collections can be a quick and easy way to raise money. Get in touch to find out more.


  • Dance - whether it's a night in watching the Strictly final, a sponsored dance-a-thon or a dinner dance, combining a foxtrot with fundraising gets a 10 from us!
  • Dinner party - Ask guests for a donation upfront, or send an envelope around at the end of the meal and ask everyone to donate what they would have paid in a restaurant for the meal.
  • Dress down day - organise a dress down day at work. Everyone pays to dress down (or up!). 


  • Egg and spoon race - Race friends and family in this old school classic. 
  • Eighties evening - It's all about neon clothes and disco tunes at this party.


  • Fashion show - Plan to showcase local fashion students' work, or fashion from local boutiques.
  • Fancy dress day - Get sponsored to wear fancy dress for the day - the more zany, the better. If you're wearing fancy dress at work, get your colleagues to cast their vote on what you should come in wearing - voting costs a small fee.
  • Five-a-side football tournament - A great fundraiser as a match between friends, or for something bigger ask everyone to enter teams of colleagues to turn it into a tournament. Raise funds by charging a player fee or asking teams to raise sponsorship.


  • Games night - Host an evening of games and challenges.  Add a bit of extra fundraising into the night by giving penalty fines for being late or talking about work.
  • Give something up - Can't live without chocolate or your beloved glass of red with dinner? Why not donate the money you save from giving up your habit and set up a Just Giving page and get sponsored by friends and family for your efforts.
  • Golf challenge - Get your local golf club involved and hold a charity golf event.


  • Head shave - get sponsored and give your mop a chop for charity.
  • Hug a pug - Take your dog to work for the day and ask for donations in return for a few minutes of play time and photos.


  • Indoor rowing - Set yourself a personal rowing challenge or have fun tackling the distance as a team with friends, family and colleagues.
  • International evening - Host a dinner party inspired by your favourite holiday destination and theme your menu, dress code and music for something different. 


  • Jumble sale - Have a clear out at home and raise money to make a difference to local people at the same time!
  • JustGiving page - Set up your own fundraising page and share it with friends and family to collect donations quickly online. 


  • Karaoke - Always a classic, for friends who don't mind being a bit silly in front of each other. It's guaranteed to be fun.


  • Luncheon - Whether it's a 'ladies who lunch' formal event or something simpler like a potluck lunch party on a Friday lunchtime in the office.


  • Manicure and makeover - Host a pamper party and swap skills to give each other makeovers and manicures.
  • Marathon running - If you're a budding athlete and have the aptitude to run 26.2 miles, then why not dedicate your event to raising money for our life saving research? Getting sponsored will help you stay motivated and power you over the finish line.


  • Netball tournament - A great fundraiser as a match between friends or for something bigger, ask everyone to enter teams of colleagues to turn it into a tournament.


  • Office party - There's plenty of ways to incorporate fundraising into an office event, whether it's a bake, a dress-down day or a bucket of beans over your manager's head.
  • Olympic sports day - Host your own sports day. Get everyone together for a day of fun, sports and raising money. Doesn’t have to be your traditional sports either – get creative!


  • Pancake party - Ask everyone to bring a donation and pancake topping of their choice, then treat everyone to as many pancakes as they can eat. You could even spice things up with a pancake race!
  • Pamper night - grab the face masks, nail polish and cocktails and a group of friends and give each other pamper treatments. staying in is the new going out and if everyone donates what they would have spent on a taxi home or their first drink you'll be off to a flying start. 


  • Quiz night - An easy one to host, whether it's in a pub, church hall or at home. For an evening of relaxed entertainment, ask groups for an entry fee and find your quiz questions online. 


  • Raffle - Ask around locally to drum up some donated prizes and sell off your tickets to friends, family and colleagues alike.


  • Skydive - If you're feeling brave challenge yourself to be one of our FIRST EVER Raising Health skydivers!


  • Talent show - Get friends, family and colleagues together for a talent show. Raise money through ticket sales.
  • Treasure hunt - As big as you like or as simple as you like, this could be a race in groups across locations or something as simple as a grid map where you sell the squares to give people a chance of choosing the winning coordinates.


  • University challenge -Take on your local university for the challenge and invite students, friends and family to donate for tickets to the event.  Talk to the student union to see if they can help with the organising.


  • Variety show - A novel way of raising money and discovering talents you never knew your friends, colleagues and neighbours had.
  • Veggie feast - Host a vegan or vegetarian dinner party. Serve healthy food and ask guests for a donation in return.


  • Walk - Gather a group of friends and pick your route to keep fit and raise money for life saving research at the same time. Take your pooches and a picnic to make it a day to remember.


  • X-Factor night - A singing competition if you want to go big, or if you fancy something smaller and more relaxed, a night in watching X Factor with a sweepstake to raise money.


  • Yodelling competition - A singing competition for the seriously brave.  If you're looking for something unusual this is it.
  • Yogathon - If you're a self-confessed yoga bunny, why not run your own yoga class and ask your pupils to contribute a small fee for taking part?


  • Ziplining - Whether you're an adrenaline junkie or afraid of heights, get ready to face your fear. There are ziplines across the UK that you can visit. Get friends and family to sponsor you for the challenge. 
  • Zumbathon - If you're feeling energetic and want a physical challenge that lots of fun!