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Donate nowOn-ward gym to help patients on their Road to Recovery

Patients at Stewart House in Narborough have severe and enduring mental illnesses which impact on every aspect of their lives. Patients usually spend around 15 months on the ward at Stewart House, working with staff to help them find ways to manage their behaviour, medication and re-engaging with their family and community. 

We all know that being physically active is good for us – for our bodies but also for our minds. Physical activity can help us to feel healthier, feel more confident about how we look, feel successful when we set and achieve a goal and to feel better able to cope with stress and to sleep better. These things are important for everyone but even more so to help someone in their recovery from mental illness.

We don’t currently have any exercise equipment at Stewart House. Patients have told us they want to exercise, but somewhere they feel safe and comfortable. It’s too big a leap for them to go from finding it hard to get motivated to get out of bed, to going for a run round the grounds (as lovely as they are!) or confident enough to use the equipment at the local park. Having an on-ward ‘mini gym’ area will go above and beyond core NHS provision to boost motivation, confidence and provide the chance to experience all the other awesome benefits of physical activity.

We have identified a room which overlooks the pretty courtyard garden at Stewart House. To make this room suitable for a gym we need to level the floor and change the doors to accommodate the levelled out floor. And the in terms of gym equipment, we don’t want much! Just a few key pieces will make a huge difference – a recumbent exercise bike, multi-gym, some gym mats and resistance bands.

Your donation, whatever you can afford, will help patients at Stewart House on their road to recovery.

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LPT's Mo Handley is running the London Marathon 2019

 We are delighted to have Mo Handley, bed manager at the Bradgate Unit, running for the Road to Recovery appeal on 28 April 2019. 

Mo aims to raise £1,500 towards the appeal and will be running the marathon with her daughter who is also running for a mental health cause. 

Mo said: "My 2018 hadn't been great, I lost my mum in May after a very short illness. I was supporting my Dad who had to learn to cope without Mum, he had cooking lessons and slowly was getting independent and suddenly out the blue he passed away, only 3 months after Mum.

I had suddenly lost both my parents and needed a challenge to get me focused. Running has always helped me and my daughter had got into the London marathon and I then knew what I wanted to do.

I do feel that exercise is a huge factor in keeping mentally well and what a great charity to run it for, little steps can lead to a marathon. Taking on the London Marathon 2019 will be a huge challenge and I hope you can support this wonderful charity."

 We're right behind you Mo! You too can support Mo's London Marathon by visiting her Virgin Money Giving page.


Fundraising so far




We are so grateful to the Clockwise Credit Union for their donation of £150 and to The central England Co-Op for their donation of £1500!



Challenge fundraisers

Thanks to Mike Ryan and Ross Jackson for raising more than £2,000 through sponsorship of their Prudential Ride London to Surrey 100 mile cycle challenge in July 2018. You can read more about their experience here.


Could you help us to reach our target by taking part in a challenge event? We would love to hear from you.


Bake sale

A fundraising bake sale at County Hall raised a scrumptious £300 for the Road to Recovery appeal! 

Bake sales are easy to organise and take part in - why not hold one at work or school in support of the Road to Recovery appeal. Contact us to let us know about your event and request fundraising resources.


Tesco Store Collection

If you were shopping in Tesco at Beaumont Leys over the weekend of 19 and 20 January and came over to see our volunteer fundraisers - thank you! Together we raised £146.25 for the appeal!