Sensory Room Appeal: Can you help Bring Light to the Beacon?


Donate nowWe have the space to create a place to grow ... we just need your help to get started.

We want to transform the outdoor spaces at the Bradgate Mental Health Unit to include a sensory garden, plant nursery and vegetable plot for patients to learn how to grow and care for a wide variety of plants.

The Bradgate Mental Health Unit has a number of garden spaces which are unloved and not currently suitable for our patients to use. We also have ward gardens, but  do not have the funds to maximise their therapeutic potential. We want to change this by:

1. Developing a therapeutic sensory garden in one of our off-ward spaces

2. Creating a plant nursery to show patients the skills needed to grow seeds and plants to use in the ward gardens

3. Sharing the skills patients will need to learn how to grow fresh produce in small spaces so that they can use these skills at home - learning how to make the most of their money, eating more healthily, having an occupational identity and purpose in their daily lives.

4. We aim to use the produce grown in the nursery in the cooking sessions we offer in Occupational Therapy. Any surplus vegetables will be made into delicious soup and sold in our Involvement Centre Café.

Please help us to aid patient recovery by bringing colour to our outdoor spaces, helping people to enjoy being outside in more beautiful surroundings, as well as providing the opportunity to learn new skills.

Your donation, whatever you can afford, will help us to grow our plans into reality. 

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