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The Vest helps poorly children fight chest infections and avoid hospitalisation. Demand for the two vests we have is high. We need three additional vests to help more children.



What we have raised so far

We are doing so well, with your help we can reach our target of £18,000 which will allow us to buy 3 more vests.


Recurrent chest infections are a problem for poorly children (like Ellis featured in our video here: who have weakened muscles and who aren’t able to be as mobile as they would like, due to their illness. They aren't able to clear the secretions on their chests in the same way a healthy, active child would be able to. Physiotherapists from our Diana Children’s Service have been using ‘The Vest’ (a high frequency chest wall oscillator) from Hill-Rom to help the children they look after keep their chests clear. The Vest has proven very effective which means fewer chest infections, fewer hospital admissions and improved quality of life!

Life was very hard taking Ellis back and forth to hospital, the cost and time put a huge amount of stress on the family. Now we are able to treat Ellis from home with the vest it’s taken the stress away.

Rita - Ellis mother

Rita, Ellis' mum

Currently we have two vests for the whole of Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland. The demand for the vests is high and we want more children to be able to have access to a vest to help them stay well. This appeal is for an additional three vests.

Your donation, no matter what size, can help improve the lives of poorly children in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland. From the children, their families and from all the Diana Children’s Team at Leicestershire Partnership Trust, thank you.


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